About Your Home Inspector

You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re buying years of experience.

Meet Tony Munoz

For over 30 years, I’ve dedicated myself to providing homebuyers and realtors in the area with a reliable and thorough home inspection service. As the owner and lead inspector at Munoz Inspection Inc, I bring a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every inspection.

I understand buying a home is a huge investment, and that’s why my mission is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. At Munoz Inspection Inc, we don’t just inspect homes, we provide peace of mind.

My comprehensive inspections cover all major systems of a property, from the foundation to the roof. I leave no stone unturned, identifying any potential issues or areas of concern. My reports are easy-to-understand, include detailed photos and explanations, allowing you to visualize any problems and make informed decisions about the property.

But my job goes beyond the inspection itself. Clear communication is key! I prioritize keeping you informed throughout the process. I’m dedicated to educating you about your inspection findings and answering any questions you may have. After all, empowered clients are informed clients, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.